All the girls out there with the medium-thick hair raise your hands. Not to complain, but it’s a tough world for us. Volumizing formulas are often a little too dry, but if you go too heavy, you’ll find your hair limp and lifeless. Although an admitted beauty junkie, I had pretty much given up on haircare. I count myself lucky to have naturally “good” hair, but I never felt the fire inside to invest in products I was washing down the drain in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t until I started to grow my hair out past my collarbones that I realized I could no longer neglect haircare as part of my beauty regimen. I tried (and tossed) money down the draining looking for the perfect conditioner cocktail, but listen up because I’ve found the holy grail.

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For years, I thought I was simplifying my beauty routine by reaching for makeup wipes every night. As I got older, I started to care more and more about the little bit of mascara left on my lashline even after a vigorous wipe-down and no matter what, I could still pick up a little leftover foundation even after my third or fourth pass. I found myself going back in with another (often harsh) liquid solution after using a makeup wipe. I am an exorbitant spender when it comes to beauty. You even don’t want to see my bathroom, full of hoarded products, most of while I’ll end up tossing because they’ll expire before I get around to using them. When you’re spending $200 on serum and name brand makeup, it seems like a giant waste when you can barely get your face clean from yesterday’s makeup. Enter micellar water.

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EMPTIES: Punk Bouquet Body Scrub


It is truly a gratifying moment when you reach the bottom of an item you’ve enjoyed using. ‘Empties’ celebrates the products that we’ve loved until the last drop.

Maybe this is a feeling that only overcomes people after in Manhattan, holding on to dirty subway poles and all of the filth in between. Every day when I get home from work, the first thing I do is wash my hands. Instead of the usual handsoap that’s on my sink, instead I reach Punk Bouquet Body Scrub from & Other Stories. I’m not even trying to be dramatic when I say that this product has changed my life as someone who has slightly compulsive habits when it comes to feeling clean.

Admittedly, it was a total impulse purchase. Normally, I am a total skeptic and generally believe that all worthwhile beauty products come from the drugstore or the likes of Sephora. I don’t exactly remember why I violated my own code of beauty purchases, but thank God I did. The product feels a little dry when you decant it from the tub, which is why I was hesitant to put it in my shower as a body wash, but once you lather it with a few drops of water, the formula starts to loosen and easily spreads. Not to mention, the smell is totally delicious. So much that you’ll need to exercise self-control so you don’t end up with chapped hands, minus one too many layers of skin.

Punk Bouquet Body Scrub, $15 from & Other Stories

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File_000 (1)I’m a really great window shopper at LUSH. I love going into the store and seeing what new products they have for the holidays, testing out the salt scrubs and getting a high off of all of the bath bombs, but that’s usually where it ends.

until i found A Breath of Fresh Air, a soothing seawater spray, that also acts as a toner and the best alarm clock for your face. My mom and sister swore by the product, but i was content with my clinique toner and had convinced myself that the “stinging feeling” was normal every time i used it.

One day, my mom was fed up and forced me to bring one of her spare bottles (yes, it’s that good she keeps spares on hand) back home to new york with me and that was that.

It’s been the first step in my morning routine for about a month now and i’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin when it’s paired with the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream (more on that miracle product later!).

Are there any other LUSH products i’ve been missing out on? let me know your favorites in the comments!

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Anyone who knows me (or Lindsey), knows my (our mutual) love for the band Haim, for both their music and their aesthetic. The three sisters are the epitome of hair goals in my book. I even have a magazine page from their Levi’s campaign torn out and on display in my bathroom as a reminder to never cut my hair again, and while we’re on the subject, Lindsey has a screenshot from Man Repeller’s interview with them framed in her room as part of a gallery wall. True story.


Anyways, I’ve been wearing a center part for the past few years, but every so often I struggle with finding the exact position for my most flattering part. I like my hair best when it’s not quite perfect, but still centered. It took me a while to solve the equation, but I’ve figured it out. Getting centered will never been a problem again: align it with your nose. Genius, right? This will help bring symmetry to your face without the creepiness of a dead center part.

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