LINK LOVE: 2.12.16


  1. Okay now that the official FULLER HOUSE trailer is out, i know for a fact that i can not make plans for february 26th because i’ll be netflixing and chilling all day.
  2. Just because i don’t have an official valentine per-say this year, doesn’t mean i can’t treat myself to some holiday themed goodies, like this gorgeous candle from diptyque or this kate spade heart coin purse. <3
  3. Thanks to @krista, @bowsandsequins & @halliekwilson, i finally found the perfect foundation that will take me from work to barre to the bar without ruining my skin.
  4. Check out this week’s top posts — Suz’s praise of punk bouquet body scrub and lindsey’s favorite way to incorporate sneakers into your daily wardrobe.
  5. Knowing an avocado emoji exists and i can’t use it is such a tease.
  6. One of the things we miss most about living (nearly) anywhere but New York is Target. Send them a love note on Twitter and you might even get one back! <3
  7. Loved Emily’s take on saving and spending when it comes to beauty.
  8. Seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on a Gucci Disco Bag.
  9. Just another reason to fall in love with peyton manning. he (poorly) defends his brother on jimmy fallon (read our post on our trip to the studios’s here!)

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The Jimmy Fallon Show [Kind of]

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When i moved to new york three years ago there were a couple of things on my bucket list that i really wanted to accomplish: a lot of personal growth stuff, work goals and of course some super touristy new york things.

Number one on that list was attending the taping of a tv show and as of monday, i can finally check that one off the list. I surprised my mom and my cousin with tickets to Jimmy Fallon and it was AMAZING.

First of all, if you’re interested in Fallon in particular, follow the account @FallonTix. They announce when the next month’s tickets will be released a couple of weeks in advance and after that it’s a race of the quickest fingers. They have tickets available for the pre-show monologue and the actual show and everything sells out in minutes. TIP — sign up for your iota account before the scheduled day so you have the best odds at getting tickets or getting on the waitlist.

the dreaded waitlist.

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EMPTIES: Punk Bouquet Body Scrub


It is truly a gratifying moment when you reach the bottom of an item you’ve enjoyed using. ‘Empties’ celebrates the products that we’ve loved until the last drop.

Maybe this is a feeling that only overcomes people after in Manhattan, holding on to dirty subway poles and all of the filth in between. Every day when I get home from work, the first thing I do is wash my hands. Instead of the usual handsoap that’s on my sink, instead I reach Punk Bouquet Body Scrub from & Other Stories. I’m not even trying to be dramatic when I say that this product has changed my life as someone who has slightly compulsive habits when it comes to feeling clean.

Admittedly, it was a total impulse purchase. Normally, I am a total skeptic and generally believe that all worthwhile beauty products come from the drugstore or the likes of Sephora. I don’t exactly remember why I violated my own code of beauty purchases, but thank God I did. The product feels a little dry when you decant it from the tub, which is why I was hesitant to put it in my shower as a body wash, but once you lather it with a few drops of water, the formula starts to loosen and easily spreads. Not to mention, the smell is totally delicious. So much that you’ll need to exercise self-control so you don’t end up with chapped hands, minus one too many layers of skin.

Punk Bouquet Body Scrub, $15 from & Other Stories

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nike blazer

i’m a huge fan of this athleisure (#buzzword) trend going on right now in the world of fashion. sneakers are just so much easier to maneuver the streets of new york city in and i’m not gonna lie i feel pretty fabulous in them — an effortlessly sexy vibe if you will.

And since today is the Super Bowl, the ultimate holiday for the athleisure loyalists, i wanted to share my favorite choices for different occasions.

Bruch in itself is an event. it’s the light at the end of the tunnel or the only thing that gets you through a stressful week at work. it’s also a verb. new yorkers BRUNCH. that means the mimosas are flowing and the calories don’t count. you don’t want to put any limit on the fun, so you wear an updated version of a classic, the Vintage Nike Blazer Mid-Top sneaker. it looks awesome and they’re flat, so no matter how many refills you have, you’ll stay vertical. BONUS POINTS – you can customize these on the Nike website so you can rock your team’s colors every day. my brother got me this deep burgandy pair for christmas last year <3 and i’ve had this gray pair in my shopping cart all week.

We’re partial to the US Open, but sneakers are good for any sporting event you choose to go (you’ll blend right in even if you have no idea what’s going on). I think this one is pretty obvious, the stan smith has been rocked by all of our girl crushes this year, Gigi Hadid, we’re looking at you, and instantly ups the chic factor of jeans and a sports jersey. the white base assures that it will work no matter what other colors you’re wearing. HINT – i normally wear a size 7.5 or an 8 and purchased a kids 6.5 and it fits perfectly! and a nicer price point.

If i don’t like my clothes, there’s a very high chance that i’m not going to feel motivated to work out that day. These Nike Roshe’s have changed my life and i’m not being my normally dramatic self when i say this. These shoes check all of the boxes:

Chuck Taylor’s are the cream of the crop. they look good with literally everything. and that’s really all i have to say about them. make these your first purchase and do it now, you’ll wonder how you lived so long without them.

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LINK LOVE: 2.5.16


  1. Me Before You: I read this book last year and was constantly pretending not to tear up on the Metro North, but there’s no hope with this movie. I will be a mess, but it’s so worth it.
  2. SUPER BOWL WEEKEND! even if you’re not a fan of the teams (Lindsey’s Washington Redskins are not in it, once again), it’s going to be a great game and a great excuse for Sunday Funday, but no matter what, good food needs to be present.
  3. And if you’re not into sports, and the commercials are more your game, here’s a roundup of what you can see between plays. Sidenote: big ups to Suzanne’s client, Colgate, for their first Super Bowl commercial running this year. Instead of pushing product, they’re using their very expensive 30 seconds to promote a worthy cause.
  4. This week all of Lindsey’s money has gone towards fitness and that’s something we can always justify! Favorite purchases so far have been a membership to Pure Barre and these new NYC themed leggings from Zara Terez.
  5. Can’t stop watching vlogs from Alex at HRHCOLLECTION, between her brutally funny honesty and gorgeous jewelry, it’s been hard to walk away from YouTube.
  6. Mazel to one of our favorite online shops, for their big office move this week!
  7. Suzanne is headed to LA next weekend and getting in the spirit by playing Best Coast on repeat. Do yourself a favor and listen to ‘California Nights.’
  8. Based on our affinity for other Glossier products, we’re certain their forthcoming heavy duty moisturizer will earn a permanent spot on our vanities.
  9. Adding this Neon Light from HonestlyWTF to our list of DIY projects.

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