iphone enhancers: open table

chic iphoneEveryone i know treats their iphone like a best friend. it’s always invited places, it’s never left behind. you’re always making sure it’s fully charged and has high energy for the day’s activities — you get it.

anyway, i’m kind of the go-to person for apps amongst my friends. i’m all about finding ways to enhance the experience and apps are an easy way to do that if you know where to look.

the most basic one i think all new yorkers need is Open Table.

  • Seamless and ordering in is second nature to new yorkers, but i personally feel the worst after eating a delivered meal. I usually go to freaking town on my orders since no one is going to judge the randomness at my dinner table.
  • In a perfect world, I’d cook my own dinner every night and it would be fantastic and i’d lose 10 lbs and be dating Sam Hunt (but seriously, we all saw him at the grammy’s right)  and….sorry, got distracted there. but you get the picture, this is not a reality in new york city
  • Going out to dinner! It’s the compromise of the two — you don’t have to cook (plus!) and you get to get some social interaction into your day (double plus)

That’s where Open Table comes in.

if you’re going to go out to dinner, you might as well get rewarded for it! earn some points so that the next time your friends suggest a last-minute sushi night, you can actually get it for free! Each reservation you make on Open Table rewards you with 100 points to your account. Once you reach 2,000 you can redeem your points for a $20 gift card to one of the 1,000s of restaurants supported on the app. They send you the electronic gift card to your email and then you’re good to go. It’s that simple!

last week i went to Amber, a sushi fusion spot on the upper east side, and naturally booked with open table. here’s how it looks:

File_001 (2)

sometimes you get lucky and the place you’re going is a 1,000 point table. now you’re last minute plan to make a reservation is an even better idea and your gift card is even closer!

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