For years, I thought I was simplifying my beauty routine by reaching for makeup wipes every night. As I got older, I started to care more and more about the little bit of mascara left on my lashline even after a vigorous wipe-down and no matter what, I could still pick up a little leftover foundation even after my third or fourth pass. I found myself going back in with another (often harsh) liquid solution after using a makeup wipe. I am an exorbitant spender when it comes to beauty. You even don’t want to see my bathroom, full of hoarded products, most of while I’ll end up tossing because they’ll expire before I get around to using them. When you’re spending $200 on serum and name brand makeup, it seems like a giant waste when you can barely get your face clean from yesterday’s makeup. Enter micellar water.


I picked up my first bottle of micellar water last year. At the time, one of my clients was La Roche-Posay, the famed French skincare line. They tout their formula as the benchmark for all micellar waters, and let me tell you, they are right. I was quickly hooked. The formula is gentle yet powerful, but not enough to make you wince if you get a little in your eyes. Even after I stopped working with La Roche-Posay (and reaping the benefits of complementary product), I was unwilling to give up my micellar habit. I raided drugstores looking for a more affordable option and found my new holy grail, Simple Skincare. Try it. Trust me. A few drops on a cotton pad and I promise you’ll be a convert.

La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution, $20.99 from Drugstore.com
Simple Skincare Cleansing Micellar Water, $7.99 from Ulta.com

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