All the girls out there with the medium-thick hair raise your hands. Not to complain, but it’s a tough world for us. Volumizing formulas are often a little too dry, but if you go too heavy, you’ll find your hair limp and lifeless. Although an admitted beauty junkie, I had pretty much given up on haircare. I count myself lucky to have naturally “good” hair, but I never felt the fire inside to invest in products I was washing down the drain in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t until I started to grow my hair out past my collarbones that I realized I could no longer neglect haircare as part of my beauty regimen. I tried (and tossed) money down the draining looking for the perfect conditioner cocktail, but listen up because I’ve found the holy grail.

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Everyone has their favorite neighborhood in the city to go out in. Mine is usually wherever I live, so currently the Upper East Side. On the other hand, everyone also has their neighborhoods that they rarely visit. Like i’ve been to Brooklyn twice. in two years. once i literally only crossed the bridge to get pizza from Grimaldi’s (#worthit) and the other time i was guilt tripped by my brother and his gf to do something touristy before their train back to va and the Brooklyn Brewery was the spot.

But on Friday, I was the one practically begging my friends to go to Brooklyn’s Barclay Center. For three reasons: 1) i’d never been before and 2) my hometown team, the Washington Capitals were in town and 3) probably most importantly, tickets were super cheap. like ¼ of a ticket at MSG cheap.

Knowing I would be going to see my home team in my new home’s arena I wanted to dress the part, but that can be tricky when I also need to dress the part of a “working professional” during work hours and a “hot, yet approachable single girl” at the bars post-game. Over the years, i’ve accumulated quite the collection of red clothing for just this occasion.

Now, I’m not knocking the sport jerseys. I love rocking my team on the front and my favorite player’s name on the back, but i usually save that for home games or playoffs. A typical game day/week day combo looks like this:


Hat / Sweater / Jeans/ Shoes / Lipstick

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LINK LOVE: 2.19.16


  1. Dying to try these brussel sprout chips from Cupcakes & Cashmere this week
  2. Now Playing (on repeat): “Ophelia” by the Lumineers
  3. Annie’s tutorial for building the perfect smoothie bowl has us craving an Insta-worthy snack
  4. Lindsey’s college roommate is an insane cook. It was such a good deal living with her and now she’s started her own food blog! I regret moving 400 miles away every time i read it.
  5. Want to try that $35 spin class but not sure what it’s going to be like? here’s your answer.
  6. With our $20 gift certificate from Open Table we checked out the new LES bar, Mr. Purple, located on the rooftop of Hotel Indigo.
  7. Loving these Jack Rogers booties for spring. #wishfulthinking
  8. We’ve talked about our love for Drake on Cake before, but Taylor’s piece on The Drake Guide to Dating really hit home.
  9. Suit jokes aside, we still really love Sam Hunt.

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iphone enhancers: open table

chic iphoneEveryone i know treats their iphone like a best friend. it’s always invited places, it’s never left behind. you’re always making sure it’s fully charged and has high energy for the day’s activities — you get it.

anyway, i’m kind of the go-to person for apps amongst my friends. i’m all about finding ways to enhance the experience and apps are an easy way to do that if you know where to look.

the most basic one i think all new yorkers need is Open Table.

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For years, I thought I was simplifying my beauty routine by reaching for makeup wipes every night. As I got older, I started to care more and more about the little bit of mascara left on my lashline even after a vigorous wipe-down and no matter what, I could still pick up a little leftover foundation even after my third or fourth pass. I found myself going back in with another (often harsh) liquid solution after using a makeup wipe. I am an exorbitant spender when it comes to beauty. You even don’t want to see my bathroom, full of hoarded products, most of while I’ll end up tossing because they’ll expire before I get around to using them. When you’re spending $200 on serum and name brand makeup, it seems like a giant waste when you can barely get your face clean from yesterday’s makeup. Enter micellar water.

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