LINK LOVE: 1.29.16

link love 1.29

  1. These Sorel’s saved our lives during #blizzard 2016.
  2. But we secretly dreamed about the days when bathing suits were a fixture in our lives, particularly this one by Blue Life
  3. Julia at Lemon Stripes is giving us serious #TripEnvy with this wardrobe and destination.
  4. A big shout-out to our favorite whiner, Matt Bellassai, on his big move. He now has “people”
  5. That gorgeous coaster shown in our Ringly review is part of Hespera’s new HOME collection
  6. The internet never forgets. we’re looking at you kylie + kendall….
  7. Forever suckers for love and #ForeverAlone, we loved reading Mackenzie’s “How We Met” story
  8. New fave Instagram account found: @DrakeonCake
  9. Planning your next Netflix binge? Read up on what’s new in February.

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T + H REVIEWS: Ringly Tech Ring

Ringly Ring

As a self-diagnosed app addict, I was super excited to find a Ringly Tech Ring under my Christmas tree this year (I got the “Stargayze style”) . Ringly is a cocktail ring that “discreetly integrates technology into your life” and connects you with the things that matter most.

It’s a gorgeous statement ring that connects to an app (available on iphone and android) and uses subtle lights and vibrations to let the wearer know if they have a phone call/text message or any app notification — never miss a tinder match again

The goal is to keep your focus off of your phone and on your real life relationships. It sounds cheesy, but it works. After a week of use I noticed myself not needing to have my phone within eyesight at all times at work or at a happy hour. I also noticed that the battery lasted A LOT longer since i wasn’t constantly on twitter looking up the latest justin bieber antic (guilty, #bielieber)

Here are some tips:

  • rings are my kryptonite. that being said, if you’re more of a simple jewelry fan, this is not the tech piece for you. Ringly has more of a cocktail ring vibe to it and will stand out.
  • don’t go crazy with how many notifications you set. it get’s confusing to keep track of the colors and lights. make it easy on yourself! I had it connected to phone calls from family, blog emails, text messages and twitter mentions. I knew if a blue light flashed, it was someone tweeting to me and not an urgent matter.Ringly Notifications
  • let’s take a second and just bow down to the genius who created the charging station. It’s so beautifully designed. I feel like i’m getting proposed to every time i go to put it on.ringly charging
  • it’s not a cheap piece of costume jewelry. It’s similar to other fashion x tech collaborations such as Tory Burch and Swarovski and the prices reflect that ($195)

let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions about the Ringly or if you use a different type of luxe technology, i’d love to know!!

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When it gets to be this cold outside, nothing is worse than chapped lips. I’ve made it my personal mission to scout the best, most hydrating lip treatments to soothe my own dryness. Did I miss your favorite? Leave it in the comments below!

For Day: Dior Addict Lip Glow in Pink
You know a lip gloss is really special when you actually make it to the bottom of the bullet, and with this guy, it’s happened to me several times. This is one of the few products I will order repeatedly without fail. I keep it in nearly every bag I own, because it’s simply the best. The balm changes color based on your pH, making it look a little bit different on everyone. The formula is luxuriously smooth and glides on while keeping your lips comfortable for hours. Win, win win.

For Winter/Hardcore Dryness: Glossier Balm Dot Com
You can use this all over balm, pretty much all everywhere, but that’s never really been my cup of tea. Instead, I love using this one as a true lip balm, especially when the weather starts to get balmy. It’s thin while being ultra-hydrating and the glossy formula doesn’t get sticky.

Overnight: The Lip Slip by Sara Happ
I’ll be honest, this one surprised me a little bit. At first glance, I expected it to be a little goopy. It looks really thick, to the point that I expected it to be sticky. Regardless, I gave it a shot one night after using her famous Lip Scrub, and it totally blew me away. I was so stunned how it performed. Yes, it is very thick and a bit too shiny to wear in the day, but as an overnight treatment, it’s perfect. Now, I look forward to religiously slathering it on before bed.

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LINK LOVE: 1.22.16

LINKS 1.22

  1. First Emily Blunt & John Krasinski defined #marriagegoals, now #housegoals.
  2. Can never resist a bow, so it’s no surprise we’re loving kate spade’s new activewear collection.
  3. The perfect gift for Summer Heights High lovers.
  4. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter!
  5. Seriously considering buying the whole collection of these pop culture pins from Greenwich LetterPress.
  6. This impending “blizzard” is the perfect excuse to finally pull the trigger on that Canada Goose jacket in our shipping cart and Krista from Covering the Bases reviewed it this week!
  7. Bravo Buffalo Bills for hiring the first female full-time NFL coach! Wahoo, Kathryn!
  8. Companies trolling each other is fun. Companies trolling each other with drinking games is the most fun thing ever.
  9. Already starting my Coachella wardrobe wishlist!

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I love the feeling of coming home to my doorman-less apartment and seeing a package waiting for me at the mailboxes (or at the dry cleaners next door who graciously accept my packages when I’m not home, got to love new york)

To be honest, I’d purchase everything online if I could. I already do mostly; these groceries don’t magically find their way to my apartment. First of I all I make money when I do it (seriously: you can too, sign up for ebates and then come back and finish reading this post.)

Back? Recently I’ve been justifying more expensive purchases; telling myself things like

  • “a 27-year-old definitely needs this in her life”
  • “how have you lasted so long without it?!”
  • “quality over quantity”

A fun way to be able to live with some of life’s luxuries and still be able to pay rent on the Upper East Side is poshmark!

I’ve been on the site for a couple of months now and acted as a seller and a buyer and being a buyer is way more fun.

My two favorite purchases by far have been a pair of suede Loeffler Randall booties and a sky blue BALENCIAGA Classique first bag. both purchased at over 60% off retail price & with all the bells and whistles included (mainly dustbags, im a dustbag snob)

a fun part about poshmark is the ability to negotiate (a la cher horowitz) with the seller. and if you succeed in getting the lower than lower price, than whatever you purchase is just going to look better. it’s a fact. and that was totally true when i scored sold-out $395 booties for $65. i felt invincible. so invincible in fact that i decided to really go big and seek out my dream bag: a BALENCIAGA CITY BAG.


….and that didn’t work because i got distracted by a $450 (a total savings of over $800….i’ll let that sink in for a second) price tag on another BALENCIAGA bag: The Classique First Bag.

you read that right. a beautiful Balenciaga bag for less than $500. naturally i purchased it (after getting suz’s vote of approval of course) but not before reading the size of the bag apparently.

so when it arrived, it was smaller than what i pictured. i felt a big sense of like, but not that LOVE at first sight feeling that i wanted– the feeling that i had with my LR booties. but i’d committed and so with poshmark that meant that bag was mine, no give backs.

thanks to the powers of the internet and the MUATTO company’s ingenius strap extensions, i was able to “remix” the bag if you will and turn it into my favorite crossbody of the season.

so as with any online shopping experience, there will be highs & there will be lows, but at least with poshmark you can afford to have way more of them delivered to your door (or dry cleaner’s door.)

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