Over time, I’ve shared so many of my travel documents to friends and friends of friends, I’ve become kind of notorious for them. One city that I’ve been lucky enough to go to many time, but never wrote a proper recap on is Nashville. Between school, friends and work, I’ve been there 5 times, so I’m honestly disappointed it’s taking me so long to write anything about it.

Every time I go, I fall more in love with this little city. It’s bursting with such spirit and energy, and always something new to discover. So, here’s something a little different than my usual travel recaps, but so overdue — some of my favorite spots in Nashville.

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Wow, I love Chicago. Lindsey and I headed to the Windy City with two of our friends, Marissa and Meg back in July for a short but jam-packed trip and truly fell in love with the city. We’re already planning a trip back, but in the mean time, here’s the rundown of how we spent our all-too-brief time in Chicago.

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In November, Lindsey was stalking one of our favorite Instagram stars, Julia Engel, and texted me saying that we needed to go to Iceland immediately. Fast forward 24 hours, we had assembled a crew of fellow wanderlust-ers/Insta-worthy-content-chasers and bought ourselves (very cheap) tickets to Iceland for April. Its probably the PR girl in me, but I’m a super heavy planner, especially when it comes to international travel, so I set up a multi-tabbed Google Doc immediately to map out our time in Iceland. Some may laugh at the extremity, but its really a lifesaver. (If you want to peep at the doc itself, send us an email!)

Here is an abridged, but still very long version of how we spent our time in the land of fire and ice. (Sorry, that was cheesy, right?)

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Um, hi. Its been a while and its about time, but we’re excited to say we’re back. Despite now living four hours apart, we’ve been doing a ton of fun things together (and apart) over the past year and every time we look at each other and say “fuck, we should be blogging about this,” so here we are, making good on that.

Here’s a mediocre picture of us in our most authentic state, mid-bottomless brunch.



A quick story in honor of my fifth anniversary in New York City last week. Maybe this story is only amusing to those who know me, but when I accepted the job that took me to NYC, it was a few months after I had graduated from college, but we need to back up a little first. The weekend before I graduated, I got a late night call from my mom as I was leaving the library rehearsing for my capstone presentation. She had fallen carrying a few boxes and broke her nose. She had reconstructive surgeries that summer to get her nose back into shape, and one of those happened to be the weekend I’d need to move to NYC. Ever resourceful, our solution was to rent a Uhaul truck and enlist my best friend to drive it from Richmond to New York. In retrospect, I can’t believe that anyone agreed to this, but a few days later, Blair and I were on our way to my new abode on the Upper East Side. We survived generally unscathed, with the exception of side-swiping a Hampton Jitney and several wrong turns and blocked roads due to a visit from President Obama. Every time I ride through the Lincoln Tunnel, I think about that trip and laugh knowing the journey that brought me to my city.

I read a quote once from Leandra Medine, and I can’t find it today despite my best Googling, but in short, it said something to the effect that New York is the only city in the world that chooses who lives there, so those to make it longer than a few years should consider themselves the luckiest people in the world. I’m feeling especially to be a chosen one and celebrate half way to being a “real New Yorker.”

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